Average Rent Prices for Condos and Apartments in Toronto by Neighborhood

Average Rent Prices for Condos and Apartments in Toronto by Neighborhood


If you are looking for an apartment in Toronto, you might want to be familiar with the rent prices in different areas there. Toronto has a lot of condos and apartments spread across its regions. The rent prices on the apartments change as time wears on, and it’s dependent on the “urbanity” of the areas. Most of the condos are often closer to significant companies and infrastructure in Toronto, and it primarily dictates the price. The article highlights the Average rent prices in the neighborhoods of Toronto.

King West Area

Rent prices of condos in the King West Area of Toronto range from around $550,000 to up to $2.7 million. There are listings for apartments in places like Wellington Street, Blue Jays Way, Stewart Street, and Adelaide Street. Apartment listing websites such as CondoMapper.ca have apartments in King West Area, with the updated rent prices.

Most of the apartments in the area have features such as multiple baths and bed spaces. Listing websites give pictures of the condos, as well as reviews from other people who have checked it up.

Midtown Toronto Area

There are listings for condos in Midtown Toronto. It includes areas such as Redpath Avenue, Holly Street, York Mills Road, and so on. The base rent prices in Midtown Toronto is around $399,000 and increase to a few million dollars. Listings also mention the proximity of the apartments to public places and transit points.

Canary District Area

Condos in the Canary District area have an average rent range of between $500,000 and $1 million. Listing sites have limited listings in comparison to other cities in Toronto. The apartments are in places such as Front Street, Trolley Crescent, Bayview Avenue, and so on.

Leslieville area

Leslieville Area includes places such as Gerrard Street, Florence Wyle Lane, Bellefair Avenue, Coxwell Avenue, and so on. The average rent in the Leslieville area hovers between $450,000 and $1.5 million and includes park areas. Websites give the extended details of the Condos along with updated pictures.

North York Area

The rent prices of apartment and condos in North York area ranges from $465,000 to $1.2 million. It includes apartments in Mcmahon Drive, Sheppard Avenue, Forest Manor, Harrison Garden, and so on. Listing websites mention additional features such as the proximity of the condos to public places such as restaurants and supermarkets.

East Downtown Area

Condos in the East Downtown area of Toronto have rent prices that start from $470,000 and cross the $1 million mark. Apartment listing sites catalog condos such as Sherbourne Street, Victoria Street, Homewood Avenue, and so on. The listings reflect the apartment features and reviews from other people.


Condos in Toronto, Canada have dynamic rent prices. It is representative of the Toronto real estate market situation, and apartment listing websites reflect the dynamism as they list available condos and apartments. The sites show apartments based streets and districts as well, with the updated price tag and pictures.